We produce high-quality injected aluminum parts for furniture, lighting and industrial companies, adapting to our clients’ needs and attending to R+D+i

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About Alinar

Alinar Die Casting was born in 2015 to provide a comprehensive service in small and medium parts of aluminum in order to continue with a project which began more than 50 years ago. A highly experienced and committed human team to this project is at your disposition to implement the most demanding projects with the best finishes.


Specialized in finishes of all kinds with the highest demands in surface finishes.

calidad en piezas de aluminio inyectado


Internal and external quality controls that guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Custom engineering

Comprehensive engineering service from initial design to production. Giving support and advice. Specialized in short runs.

Our mission

Provide a comprehensive solution to furniture, industrial or other sectors in injected aluminum parts with the highest quality, flexibility and attention to aesthetic requirements at a national and international level.

Why should you choose us?


We have in our disposition internal and external controls which guarantee that our products meet high demands.


We adapt to the demands of our clients and we are open to providing a solution to their concerns.

Personalized attention

We accompany our clients throughout the process from start to finish



Alinar is a company with more than 50 years of experience formed by professionals in the sector, in which both quality and innovation have been their pillars.


Attention to aesthetic requierements nationally and internationally


We are compromised with the environment complying with the established regulations and avoiding as much as possible a negative environmental impact.

Values ​​and Commitments


The employees have been the key to begin this new stage, putting into Alinar disposition all their effort and dedication. Being concerned about employees’s and other people’s health and security, we have an Occupational Hazards Prevention Plan implanted for all installations.


Since the beginning, it has opted for quality in all processes as the basis for growth and competitiveness. Different procedures and a qualified personnel, allows us to provide the highest quality in order to satisfy our clients. Our commitment with the quality has granted us to obtain a certificate regarding the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Being aware of the impact of our industrial activity in the natural environment, Alinar has carried out several collaborations with external specialized consultancy firms in order to reduce the environmental impact and to design an eco-friendly and responsible production model.

A little history

In the late 50’s a young engineer, got the first new customer for aluminum and zamak parts basing on a new and leading technology for the time: high pressure aluminum die casting parts. Then, Funyectal S.A was born.

In the following years hard work and quality standards made the firm grew importantly not only in employee number, but also in customer number and markets. Thus, the firm became an exporting company. The achieved experience during these years has permitted the development of a reliable production process in order to be able to compete with great national and international groups as part of Aliasa Group. The quality of our finishes turned to be recognized in international markets, especially in the furniture market.

In 2015 a new stage begins as Alinar Die Casting S.L. The employees who have been working for years are confident on this Project which began more than five decades ago. A new beginning created on commitment and motivation for keeping growing.

"Dedication, effort, eagerness and good"

will were the key words for the first employees. These are still the basis of our motivation 50 years later.